Eco Conscious



Excel Body Works is an active campaigner for a cleaner environment due to our comprehensive environmental policy, participation in conservation programs, and constant initiative in sourcing better alternatives.

We helped set new industry standards by the early adoption of a waterborne paint system back in the 90’s. One of the first Brisbane smash repair workshops to make the switch.

Waterborne Paint contains less harmful emissions than traditional automotive paints. This fosters a cleaner, greener environment for our customers, staff and community.

Excel Body Works offset their greenhouse gases by investing in planting trees. We achieve this through Carbon Neutral Australia and the Glasurit Body Shop Emissions Program.

There is a lot of waste in the smash repair industry which is why we recycle or reuse all solvents, paint, metals, plastic, refrigerant and cardboard where possible.

Excel Body Works is constantly looking for ways that we can do more. When we purchase consumables we source recycled, eco-friendly and/or fair trade products as much as possible.

Overall, we endeavour to conduct and continue to grow the business in a manner that protects the environment and demonstrates good stewardship of our World’s natural resources.